Learn Real Estate Investing From Home

Online Training is Convenient and Saves You Money.

So much learning today occurs online. Now that technology offers this convenience few individuals choose to travel to a distant location.

The cost of attending real estate investor training workshops and seminars in person adds to the total price of the education. You have to pay for airfare, a hotel stay, meals at restaurants while you are potentially missing out on business opportunities while you are away.

Learning online can take place at a time that makes sense in your life.  Morning people can start early, night people can access the information when others are in bed.  You could choose to listen to the online workshops while commuting, eating dinner, using the treadmill, etc.

The Downside to Online Training

Staying motivated to learn online is a problem for some people.  But at Renatus we have that covered.  By attending our weekly business briefings, other local investors are there to encourage you forward.  In addition, this local group has incredible in depth knowledge of the local real estate market.

learn real estate investing from home
learn real estate investing from home

Local Real Deal Tours

This is a weekly Saturday event where we tour a project property and explain all facets of it to students and prospects. How it was found, bought, projections, improvements etc.